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Explosive shear crushing pump

Explosive shear crushing pump

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Explosive shear crushing pump


The shear-type pulverizing pump is a wet-type shear pulverizing pump specially developed by Nantong Fleck Company for the existence of many unsafe factors in the pulverizing process of the explosive and explosive solid materials. At present, it is in the wet pulverization process for the explosive and explosive solid materials such as Oktokin, Black Gold, Red Phosphorus, Perforating Bomb and Sulfur. It has been applied. The shear type pulverizing pump is a multi-functional equipment integrating wet shearing, dispersing emulsification, pulverizing grinding, mixing and conveying, etc. The device has reliable safety and stability in the wet pulverization of easy explosives. Deeply favored by the majority of users, this equipment fills the gap in the wet smashing industry.

Shear crushing pump repair

The shearing pulverizing pump should be installed on a relatively flat level of cement floor. The top of the ground equipment should be placed with four pieces of anti-vibration rubber pad of about 10mm, and then the four M16 screws of the foot can be tightened. 22kw motor rated current used in the standard copper core three-phase four-wire.

Check when starting the motor:

① Whether the mechanical hydraulic oil in the bearing housing can see the oil line in the middle of the oil mark;

② Open the water seal inlet pipe, and a small amount of water may overflow from the water pipe outlet;

③ Before starting the machine, please click the motor to check the steering of the motor and whether there is any abnormal noise in the pump body. After confirming the error, the motor will be officially started.

When maintaining the equipment, first unscrew the handwheel and then open the casing feeding single cover. The water spray gun completely flushes the rotating stator of the working chamber, especially the two screw holes in the middle of the rotor, which must be rinsed clean without material residue. Use a wrench to unscrew the compression nut of the rotor and use a special tool to pull the rotor and the water-sealed copper sleeve. If water leaks between the housing and the bearing housing, the skeleton seal at the rear end of the water seal is broken. When replacing, the screw on the back of the housing must be unscrewed, and then the housing is taken out to remove the skeleton seal. At this time, the bearing can also be replaced. Unscrew the four outer screws on the feed cover when replacing the stator.

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Full name of the equipment Shear pulverizing pump
Product number JQB-50/ZY
Motor Power kw Frequency conversion 22kw secondary explosion-proof motor
Processing capacity m³/h 2-3 m³/h
Import and export size Clamp quick opening DN32/DN32
Dimensions mm 1100 x 1100 x 800
Foot screw 4/M16
Transmission belt △B1753(3)
O-ring φ260-3.5
Skeleton seal NAK-45 X 55 X 7(1) VN12 X 18 X 5(4)
Bearing Japan NSK high speed fully sealed 6310 bearing (3)
lubricating oil Mechanical wear-resistant hydraulic lubricant 32#/46#
Pulley φ220:φ130
repair tool Rotor pull code 2


This machine is suitable for wet cutting, pulverizing and grinding refining of explosive materials; the shearing type of the shearing pulverizing pump and the cover are designed to be fast-opening, and all the connecting bolts are equipped with external falling bolts and full-sealing nuts. It is convenient to clean the machine cavity and the rotating stator. The rotating stator is designed to be interchangeable for maintenance and replacement. The main structure ensures that there is no possibility of burning the residue of the screw holes on the machine cavity to prevent unsafe hidden dangers. The motor is used by the Sinopec fixed-point enterprise Wuxi Zionda inverter explosion-proof 22kw / 50Hz / two pole / B3 motor, the bearing seat is completed by HT250 ball ink iron casting, after several years of aging treatment, ensure the equipment is invariable in high-speed transshipment, no oil leakage, etc. Quality factors, three Japanese NSK high-speed fully enclosed high-quality bearings are installed in the bearing housing to ensure the accuracy of the spindle and rotor at high speed. The working cavity and the rotating stator of the shearing and crushing pump are rough-processed with high-quality stainless steel SUS316L after high-temperature forging. The internal phase-phase structure of the forged parts is more tight and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The final finishing of the parts is performed by The machining center is precision machined and manufactured.

Shearing and crushing pump seal: We use vacuum water circulation to seal the vacuum device. Under the high-speed rotation of the spindle, the water is continuously pressurized to the rear end of the seal through the spiral groove. Since the sealed chamber is equipped with a water circulation labyrinth device, the water is from the reverse spiral maze. The decompression is continuously circulated backwards, and a small amount of water flows out from the seal of the casing, ensuring that the cavity material cannot be in contact with the sealing friction surface, and the vacuum device on the outer side of the rotor is designed to generate a certain vacuum at the high-speed rotation, which is more effective. The ground is isolated from the contact between the material and the shaft seal, so that the material in the high-speed pulverization does not flow into the sealed vacuum safety zone, eliminating the hidden friction of the material contact seal, and further improving the safety reliability.

The shear type pulverizing pump adopts a form of vortex shear pulverization, which is mixed with water or other explosion-proof fluid and flammable and explosive materials for shear pulverization, which effectively ensures the safety of flammable and explosive materials pulverized in water or other fluids. The whole pulverization process of the equipment is a closed-loop shear pulverization method, and the rotation speed and the number of cycle pulverization are adjusted in the production process to achieve the required mesh number. The normal distribution of the particle size of the material after shear pulverization is relatively narrow and the degree of spheroidization is high.

The working principle of the shearing pulverizing pump is that under the high-speed driving of the motor, the material mixture enters the shear pulverizing working chamber through the feeding port, and is subjected to high-speed shearing and high-twisting oscillation in the narrow passage between the multilayer rotor and the stator. , impact crushing, etc. and hundreds of thousands of strong hydraulic shear and turbulence per minute, continuous tearing, pulverizing, and emulsification of droplets in the working chamber. A special device is designed in the structure, and a cogging effect is generated on the side groove of the rotor under high-speed rotation. In the strong cavitation micro-explosion, the material liquid particles are again subjected to high-speed shear stripping and the like. Thereafter, a sheet is formed, and at the same time, the outer teeth of the rotor and the slope of the casing are again subjected to squeezing friction, tumble and knead, and finally the sheet is kneaded into a spherical or hemispherical state to flow out from the outlet. According to the mechanical effect, the higher the rotor speed, the faster the cycle, the greater the friction, the better the spheroidization effect, and the final material refinement can reach 5-120, D90 & ge; 10 microns.

Accessories: Equipment selection parameters and technical requirements (downloadable)

 First, the technical parameters of your company's materials:
Material medium   Processing capacity(m³/h)  
Liquid category Water-based, Oily, Solvent Solid category Agglomerate, Crystals, Primary particle
Liquid to solid ratio(%)        Viscosity    Pa.s   Material flow Very good (water), 可以, difference, Very poor
Feed contains Large particles   mm,Take up    % Medium particle   mm,Take up     % Small particles   mm,Take up      %
Solid particles (fragile, Not fragile, Viscous) Discharge granule    μm Head    m temperature    
 Second, your company's requirements for equipment:
 1. Material contact part material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, HastelloyC276
 2, rotating stator material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, Hastelloy C276,
Wear-resistant steel NM500, Wear-resistant steel 38CrMoAl, Tungsten carbide treatment, Emery treatment
 3, sealed Ordinary single-sided mechanical seal, Ordinary double-sided mechanical seal, Custom double-sided mechanical seal
O-ring configuration Ding O-ring, Fluoro rubber O-ring, Fluorine-containing O-ring, Perfluoroether O-ring
Material contact surface Tungsten carbide-silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide-tungsten carbide, Silicon carbide-silicon carbide
 4, the motor Ordinary motor, Inverter motor, Ordinary explosion-proof motor, Explosion-proof inverter motor, Dust explosion-proof motor
Class 2 energy efficient motor, Marine motor, Waterproof motor Self-contained control box With control box
 Third, the corresponding device model:
Full name of the equipment Model Processing capacitym³/h) Motor Power(kw) Amount Remarks

Fill in the unit:          Fill in the person:          phone:

Daily chemical industry: AES、LAS、AOS、MES、K12、Glycerin, sorbitol, fatty alcohol, shower gel, skin cream, shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste, soap, detergent powder, etc.

Fine Chemicals:Dyes, pigments, various pastes, chemical additives, adhesives, 107 glue, silicone oil, leather oil, emulsion explosives, various colloidal materials.

Food:Chocolate, condensed milk, yogurt, honey, syrup, sucrose, tomato juice, concentrated juice, jam, ice cream, milk, yeast mud, meat, jelly, condiments, vinasse, soy protein, flour, etc.

Paper production:Polyacrylamide (PAM), calcium carbonate, starch paste, carboxylated butylbenzene/propylbenzene latex, rosin, rosin gum, pulp, filler, dry strength: agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, retention and drainage aid, elimination Foaming, coating, water treatment chemicals, etc.

Chemical fiber:Viscose porridge, PVA, vinylon pulp, acrylic pulp, amine pulp, polyester chips, polyester, polypropylene, rayon, functional fiber, etc.

Medical medicine:Various ointments, extracts, drug lotions, pill pastes, syrups, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Coating:Paints, coatings, inks, insulating varnishes, resins, auxiliaries, organic solvents, etc.

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