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High shear colloid mill - Shangyu delivery articles

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High shear colloid mill - Shangyu delivery articles

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2019/01/11 10:11
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High-shear colloid mill is a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving equipment unique in the fluid wet-grinding and grinding industry. It is the first domestically produced wet-grinding grinding and dispersing emulsification equipment and has advanced technology, multiple functions, high efficiency and energy saving. National patents focus on promoting products. The high-shear colloid mill is designed and manufactured on the concave-convex stator to produce a three-stage crushing and grinding area such as a suction shearing zone, a crushing zone, a grinding zone and a refining zone. The distance is generally 0.05mm (the adjustable distance between the stator and the stator is (0.01-2mm), the maximum outer diameter is up to 600mm, and the maximum linear speed is up to 120m/s.

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