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Solid-liquid siphon homogeneous mixing pump

Solid-liquid siphon homogeneous mixing pump

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1. Solid-liquid siphon mixing pump 1

  The Fuller's solid-liquid siphon mixing pump is mainly suitable for the homogeneous mixing of solid materials with lighter weight or more dusty materials and liquids.

Second, the silo dust collector

  The system consists of a manual unloading bin, a pressure-proof feeding platform, a lower silo, a vibrating screen, a filtering system, a dust collecting system, a backflushing airbag, and a vibration motor.

Application range

  The system is suitable for unpacking, placing, screening and unloading of small bag materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is especially suitable for feeding and screening of poorly flowable materials. The unpacking is due to the function of the dust collecting fan. It can avoid material dust flying everywhere.





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Model Processing capacity m³/h Motor Power kw Amount of powder kg Import and export size mm
FLK-GH32 1-2 4-7.5 300-600 liquid DN40/Powder DN25/Slurry DN32
FLK-GH40 2.2-4.5 7.5-15 660-1350 liquid DN50/Powder DN32/Slurry DN40
FLK-GH50 3.5-7 15-22 1050-2100 liquid DN65/Powder DN40/Slurry DN50
FLK-GH65 5-12 18-30 1500-3600 liquid DN80/Powder DN40/Slurry DN65
FLK-GH80 9-18 30-45 2700-5400 liquid DN100/Powder DN50/Slurry DN80
FLK-GH100 14-28 37-55 4200-8400 liquid DN125/Powder DN50/Slurry DN100


a) This series of equipment is suitable for unpacking, placing, screening and unloading of small bag materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Due to the function of the dust collecting fan during unpacking, material dust can be prevented from flying everywhere.

b) Small bag unloading and feeding station: This equipment is especially suitable for small batches of manual feeding, and the materials are easy to agglomerate;

The manual unpacking machine (manual unpacking machine) is a manual equipment for manually pouring small powder or granular materials into the downstream hopper. It is manually dumped by manual unpacking and other steps to make the material fall into the storage hopper by gravity to complete the dismantling. Bag unloading work. The device is equipped with a filter cleaning device and an exhaust fan for filtering dust generated during the dumping process and discharging the clean exhaust gas into the atmosphere, which is capable of working easily in a clean environment.

In short, the unpacking station can complete the unpacking and unpacking work in a closed container, and the dust generated by the unpacking station is sucked away by the negative pressure generated by the closed centrifuge, effectively eliminating the dust brought by the unpacking, and purifying the working environment. The country is increasingly strict with environmental protection requirements. One piece of equipment can complete the bag opening and unloading work of 50kg, 25kg, 15kg various packaging bags, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.

1. Solid-liquid siphon mixing pump

The Fleck solid-liquid siphon mixing pump moves at a high speed in a narrow aisle through the suction device of the main shaft, and the generated vacuum mixes the slightly lighter solid material from the bag into the homogenizer working chamber and the liquid through the hose. Homogeneous delivery. It is generally connected to the outlet of the reactor tank. When the liquid flows from the homogenizer, it is mixed with the inhaled solid material at high speed to homogenize, so that the solid material can be mixed, reacted, depolymerized, dissolved and homogenized in time. The problem of raw material loss and ring mirror pollution caused by the dust generated by solid-liquid agitation in the traditional process is completely avoided, and the powder is completely mixed and wetted by the liquid in the working chamber of the homogenizer. When the pump body is sent out in an emulsified liquid form, the structural viscosity or thixotropic properties will not have a negative effect, because the strong shear force during the homogenization process causes the powder to be dispersed in the liquid internal stage, and the shear strength The viscosity of the emulsion is also reduced to the lowest point here.

● The system has simple process and convenient use, which can save many containers, pipes, valves and mixers.

●The powder with heavy specific gravity can be put into a cone and then sucked into the solid-liquid mixed pump by means of strong vacuum suction generated by the circulation of the liquid itself for high-speed mixing and homogenization, and the reaction is dissolved.

●The powder with light specific gravity can be inserted into the pocket with a hose, and then the powder is sucked into the solid-liquid mixed pump by means of strong vacuum suction generated by the circulation of the liquid itself for high-speed mixing and homogenization, and the reaction is dissolved.

● This high-efficiency vacuum suction mixing and homogenizing function can reduce the viscosity of the high solid content material in the state of powder saturation, and easily complete the depolymerization of the powder, avoiding the phenomenon of agglomeration of the powder in the conventional process.

Second, the silo dust collector

When the pouch material needs to be unpacked and poured into the next process, it is only required to be directly unpacked and then put into the system, and the dust generated by the material is collected by the dust collecting fan. The material can be intercepted by a vibrating screen (safety screen) to ensure the elimination of large particles and foreign matter.

Accessories: Equipment selection parameters and technical requirements (downloadable)

 First, the technical parameters of your company's materials:
Material medium   Processing capacity(m³/h)  
Liquid category Water-based, Oily, Solvent Solid category Agglomerate, Crystals, Primary particle
Liquid to solid ratio(%)        Viscosity    Pa.s   Material flow Very good (water), 可以, difference, Very poor
Feed contains Large particles   mm,Take up    % Medium particle   mm,Take up     % Small particles   mm,Take up      %
Solid particles (fragile, Not fragile, Viscous) Discharge granule    μm Head    m temperature    
 Second, your company's requirements for equipment:
 1. Material contact part material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, HastelloyC276
 2, rotating stator material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, Hastelloy C276,
Wear-resistant steel NM500, Wear-resistant steel 38CrMoAl, Tungsten carbide treatment, Emery treatment
 3, sealed Ordinary single-sided mechanical seal, Ordinary double-sided mechanical seal, Custom double-sided mechanical seal
O-ring configuration Ding O-ring, Fluoro rubber O-ring, Fluorine-containing O-ring, Perfluoroether O-ring
Material contact surface Tungsten carbide-silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide-tungsten carbide, Silicon carbide-silicon carbide
 4, the motor Ordinary motor, Inverter motor, Ordinary explosion-proof motor, Explosion-proof inverter motor, Dust explosion-proof motor
Class 2 energy efficient motor, Marine motor, Waterproof motor Self-contained control box With control box
 Third, the corresponding device model:
Full name of the equipment Model Processing capacitym³/h) Motor Power(kw) Amount Remarks

Fill in the unit:          Fill in the person:          phone:

Daily chemical industry: AES、LAS、AOS、MES、K12、Glycerin, sorbitol, fatty alcohol, shower gel, skin cream, shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste, soap, detergent powder, etc.

Fine Chemicals:Dyes, pigments, various pastes, chemical additives, adhesives, 107 glue, silicone oil, leather oil, emulsion explosives, various colloidal materials.

Food:Chocolate, condensed milk, yogurt, honey, syrup, sucrose, tomato juice, concentrated juice, jam, ice cream, milk, yeast mud, meat, jelly, condiments, vinasse, soy protein, flour, etc.

Paper production:Polyacrylamide (PAM), calcium carbonate, starch paste, carboxylated butylbenzene/propylbenzene latex, rosin, rosin gum, pulp, filler, dry strength: agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, retention and drainage aid, elimination Foaming, coating, water treatment chemicals, etc.

Chemical fiber:Viscose porridge, PVA, vinylon pulp, acrylic pulp, amine pulp, polyester chips, polyester, polypropylene, rayon, functional fiber, etc.

Medical medicine:Various ointments, extracts, drug lotions, pill pastes, syrups, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Coating:Paints, coatings, inks, insulating varnishes, resins, auxiliaries, organic solvents, etc.

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