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Screw belt solid-liquid mixer

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  The spiral belt solid-liquid mixer is widely used in various solid-liquid mixing and drying processes in industrial production. The machine has a triple mixing effect, which can achieve a good mixing effect in an extremely short time. Features: 1, no support at the bottom, rapid, complete discharge, no retentate. 2. After special design, the equipment meets the requirements of GMP standards. 3. The mixing is gentle and will not deteriorate the sensitive raw material mixture.

Overview of spiral belt solid-liquid mixer

There is no transmission mechanism in the barrel of the spiral belt solid-liquid mixer, which fundamentally eliminates material pollution caused by leakage of lubricating oil, and is reliable and stable in operation. It is especially suitable for hygienic requirements of highly viscous fluids or thick, wet and paste-like materials. Mix and mix. It is also suitable for the mixing of powders and granules;

Optional menu for the ribbon solid-liquid mixer

1. The cylinder can be designed in the form of a jacket. When the jacket is connected with a certain temperature medium, it can meet the requirements of the user for process temperature control.

2, can be designed to provide equipment under vacuum or pressurized conditions

3, can be designed to provide a liquid spray device, spray a proper amount of liquid in the material

4, can increase the chopping device, can shred aggregates of any size to meet the process requirements.

5, a variety of sealing devices to choose from: packing seal, mechanical seal, lip seal

6, a variety of discharge valves are available: butterfly valve, hemisphere valve, ball valve, knife gate valve

7, a variety of materials to choose from: carbon steel, 304L, 316L stainless steel

Main function of the ribbon solid-liquid mixer

◆Strong mixing, moving the material near the wall of the container upwards and moving the material at the center downwards

◆ Softly but completely mix the flowable materials, a large amount of materials can be mixed in a short time

◆ can achieve high standard mixing evenly

◆Almost all materials can be cleaned

Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
Model Full volume m³ Working volume m³ power KW Support center distance mm Abutment aperture mm Dimensions D*H mm
FLK-LH-0.05 0.05 0.03 0.75~1.1 620 24 680*1600
FLK-LH-0.1 0.1 0.06 1.5~2.2 740 24 820*1750
FLK-LH-0.3 0.3 0.18 2.2~3 940 24 1040*1900
FLK-LH-0.5 0.5 0.3 3~4 1080 30 1180*2600
FLK-LH-0.8 0.8 0.5 4~5.5 1180 30 1280*2900
FLK-LH-1 1 0.6 5.5~7.5 1335 30 1470*3000
FLK-LH-1.6 1.6 1 7.5~11 1620 30 1760*3500
FLK-LH-2 2 1.2 7.5~11 1720 30 1860*3800
FLK-LH-3 3 1.8 11~15 1910 30 2050*4200
FLK-LH-4 4 2.5 15~18.5 2110 30 2250*4350
FLK-LH-5 5 3 18.5~22 2210 30 2350*4600
FLK-LH-6 6 3.6 22~30 2310 36 2540*5050
FLK-LH-8 8 4.8 30~37 2610 36 2840*5500

Note: The relevant power and dimensions in this table are for reference. The specific power and external dimensions should be adjusted according to the corresponding characteristics and working conditions of the materials.

The machine is directly driven by the reducer to rotate the barrel without any transmission mechanism, which fundamentally eliminates material contamination caused by leakage of lubricating oil. The gap between the outer ribbon and the container wall is very small, so as to prevent the material from sticking to the overall structure of the machine. Compact, small footprint, the machine is easy to discharge, 100% fully cantilever shaft structure, the bearing end is not in contact with the material. The gap between the stirring paddle and the container wall is very small, so as to prevent the material from bonding to the standardized mixing drive box. Ensure stable operation and low maintenance cost. Use a proper shaft seal structure for each application. The shaft seal leaves the product installation, ensuring that the standard and commercial mixer seals that have been tested and tested are used in a good manner. GMP equipment design--Special geometry O Shaped rings, high quality equipment for surface treatment and elimination of dead ends.

Accessories: Equipment selection parameters and technical requirements (downloadable)

 First, the technical parameters of your company's materials:
Material medium   Processing capacity(m³/h)  
Liquid category Water-based, Oily, Solvent Solid category Agglomerate, Crystals, Primary particle
Liquid to solid ratio(%)        Viscosity    Pa.s   Material flow Very good (water), 可以, difference, Very poor
Feed contains Large particles   mm,Take up    % Medium particle   mm,Take up     % Small particles   mm,Take up      %
Solid particles (fragile, Not fragile, Viscous) Discharge granule    μm Head    m temperature    
 Second, your company's requirements for equipment:
 1. Material contact part material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, HastelloyC276
 2, rotating stator material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, Hastelloy C276,
Wear-resistant steel NM500, Wear-resistant steel 38CrMoAl, Tungsten carbide treatment, Emery treatment
 3, sealed Ordinary single-sided mechanical seal, Ordinary double-sided mechanical seal, Custom double-sided mechanical seal
O-ring configuration Ding O-ring, Fluoro rubber O-ring, Fluorine-containing O-ring, Perfluoroether O-ring
Material contact surface Tungsten carbide-silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide-tungsten carbide, Silicon carbide-silicon carbide
 4, the motor Ordinary motor, Inverter motor, Ordinary explosion-proof motor, Explosion-proof inverter motor, Dust explosion-proof motor
Class 2 energy efficient motor, Marine motor, Waterproof motor Self-contained control box With control box
 Third, the corresponding device model:
Full name of the equipment Model Processing capacitym³/h) Motor Power(kw) Amount Remarks

Fill in the unit:          Fill in the person:          phone:

Daily chemical industry: AES、LAS、AOS、MES、K12、Glycerin, sorbitol, fatty alcohol, shower gel, skin cream, shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste, soap, detergent powder, etc.

Fine Chemicals:Dyes, pigments, various pastes, chemical additives, adhesives, 107 glue, silicone oil, leather oil, emulsion explosives, various colloidal materials.

Food:Chocolate, condensed milk, yogurt, honey, syrup, sucrose, tomato juice, concentrated juice, jam, ice cream, milk, yeast mud, meat, jelly, condiments, vinasse, soy protein, flour, etc.

Paper production:Polyacrylamide (PAM), calcium carbonate, starch paste, carboxylated butylbenzene/propylbenzene latex, rosin, rosin gum, pulp, filler, dry strength: agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, retention and drainage aid, elimination Foaming, coating, water treatment chemicals, etc.

Chemical fiber:Viscose porridge, PVA, vinylon pulp, acrylic pulp, amine pulp, polyester chips, polyester, polypropylene, rayon, functional fiber, etc.

Medical medicine:Various ointments, extracts, drug lotions, pill pastes, syrups, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Coating:Paints, coatings, inks, insulating varnishes, resins, auxiliaries, organic solvents, etc.

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