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About Us


The enterprise culture

Culture is the soul of the company. Nantong Fleck Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with quality products, while also striving to create a distinctive corporate culture, pursuing excellence and reappearing perfection.
Nantong Fleck's corporate goals:
Relying on corporate culture, we will carry forward the enterprise spirit of unity, hard work, innovation and hard work; entrepreneurial glory, with glorious yesterday, to create a brilliant tomorrow. Realize the use of high-tech, high-quality equipment, create excellent products, and build high-quality enterprises with modern concepts and modern management.
Nantong Fleck's corporate purpose:
Based on quality, quality and excellence, reputation first, reputation and promise, and the concept of quality service, carry out predictive and creative work, and constantly provide users with high-quality and high-performance products to meet user needs.
Nantong Fleck's business philosophy:
People-oriented, talent-oriented, science-based, market-based, efficient and rigorous management, based on the four seas entrepreneurial talents, condense modern consciousness, gather all aspects of innovation and wisdom, adhere to the business philosophy of science and technology.
Nantong Fleck's values:
Innovation: institutional innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, product innovation.文化
Respect: Respect the user, respect the employee's respect for knowledge, and respect the guidelines.
Lean: Lean thinking, lean production, lean work, lean products.
Development: everything is for development, everything serves development
Strong technical strength and scientific research results!
Quality products and "three guarantees" policy!
Customized product design and production process!
Perfect system and integrated service aim!

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