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Vertical dispersion emulsifier

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Model DSL2 DSL4 DSL7 DSL11 DSL15 DSL18 DSL22 DSL30 DSL37 DSL55
power kw 2 4 7.5 11 15 18 22 30 37 55
Rotating speed r/min 2950 2950 2950 2950 2950 2950 2950 1440 1440 1440
Stator outer diameter mm 89 104 120 140 158 180 210 250 280 320
Mixing paddle mm 80 100 110 130 148 170 200 240 270 310
High speed dispersion disk mm 80 100 110 130 148 170 200 240 270 310
Axis length mm 622 838 1130 1200 1280 1300 1370 1500 1700 2000
Volume L 15-100 50-200 90-1000 100-1500 150-2000 200-2500 250-3000 800-5000 1500-8000 3500-20000


1  The high-shear vertical emulsifier consists of a frame, a rotating stator and a dispersing wheel. Under the driving of the motor, the small dispersing disc installed in the middle of the tank quickly starts to work, dispersing, cutting, floating in the middle and upper parts, and forming some additives. The flow of the pot just enhances the circulation of the whole liquid material to simultaneously disperse, emulsify and homogenize the upper and lower layers. At the same time, the bottom emulsification head is also sucked in two directions, and the material is sucked into the pulverized grinding zone from the middle and the bottom. First, the slanted blade is cut and dispersed, and then the grinding blade is used for pulverization and emulsification. In addition to severe maneuvering and liquid shearing, the material is also subjected to extrusion, impact, tearing and friction. The material is continuously circulated up and down throughout the working process, and the precision rotor and stator and the dispersing disc cooperate. The material particles are quickly torn in a very short time and pulverized into submicron fineness to achieve the purpose of dispersion, emulsification and homogenization.

Accessories: Equipment selection parameters and technical requirements (downloadable)

 First, the technical parameters of your company's materials:
Material medium   Processing capacity(m³/h)  
Liquid category Water-based, Oily, Solvent Solid category Agglomerate, Crystals, Primary particle
Liquid to solid ratio(%)        Viscosity    Pa.s   Material flow Very good (water), 可以, difference, Very poor
Feed contains Large particles   mm,Take up    % Medium particle   mm,Take up     % Small particles   mm,Take up      %
Solid particles (fragile, Not fragile, Viscous) Discharge granule    μm Head    m temperature    
 Second, your company's requirements for equipment:
 1. Material contact part material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, HastelloyC276
 2, rotating stator material stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, Duplex steel 2205, TA2, Hastelloy C276,
Wear-resistant steel NM500, Wear-resistant steel 38CrMoAl, Tungsten carbide treatment, Emery treatment
 3, sealed Ordinary single-sided mechanical seal, Ordinary double-sided mechanical seal, Custom double-sided mechanical seal
O-ring configuration Ding O-ring, Fluoro rubber O-ring, Fluorine-containing O-ring, Perfluoroether O-ring
Material contact surface Tungsten carbide-silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide-tungsten carbide, Silicon carbide-silicon carbide
 4, the motor Ordinary motor, Inverter motor, Ordinary explosion-proof motor, Explosion-proof inverter motor, Dust explosion-proof motor
Class 2 energy efficient motor, Marine motor, Waterproof motor Self-contained control box With control box
 Third, the corresponding device model:
Full name of the equipment Model Processing capacitym³/h) Motor Power(kw) Amount Remarks

Fill in the unit:          Fill in the person:          phone:

日用化工: AES、LAS、AOS、MES、K12、甘油、山梨醇、脂肪醇、沐浴露、护肤霜、洗发液、洗手液、牙膏、肥皂、洗衣粉料浆等。


食  品:巧克力、炼乳、酸奶、蜂蜜、糖浆、蔗糖、番茄汁、浓缩果汁、果酱、冰淇淋、牛奶、酵母泥浆、肉浆、果冻、调味品、酒糟、大豆蛋白、面粉浆等。

造  纸:聚丙烯酰胺(PAM)、碳酸钙、淀粉糊、羧基丁苯/丙苯胶乳、松香、松香胶、纸浆、填料、干强:剂、湿强剂、施胶剂、助留助滤剂、消泡剂、涂布、水处理化学品等。

化  纤:粘胶浆粥、PVA、维纶浆料、腈纶浆料、胺纶浆料、聚脂切片、涤纶、丙纶、人造纤维、功能性纤维等。

医  药:各种药膏、浸膏、药乳液、药丸糊、糖浆、保健品、药剂等。

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